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DREHMO Valve Actuators

Our World relies on a constant flow. Without this permanent motion, we would not be here. Sometimes though it is necessary for us to take control over the flow of the elements we rely upon. That’s where DREHMO comes in. Our valve actuators make sure that oil, gas, water or steam only flows when it’s supposed to, and that only the exact amount of media that’s needed leaves its place. No more and no less. But it’s about more than just on and off. On the following pages, we would like to show you what DREHMO is about, the people behind the actuators and, most of all, what we can do to keep your business in the right flow.


DREHMO Ex-proof Actuators

Wherever material flows through pipelines in liquid, gas or powder form, several kinds of valves are used to shut off or to regulate the rate of flow or pressure. For the reliable remote operation of these valves, whether they be globe, gate, ball or butterfly valves or dampers, DREHMO® electromechanical actuators have been employed successfully the world over for several decades. DREHMO® actuators are used in oil and gas fields, pipelines, tankfarms, oil and gas terminals, power generation, chemical and petrochemical process industries as well as in water works and waste water treatment plants. Actuators have to move the valve to a mechanically definded final position or to intermediate positions, avoiding excessive torque during actuator travel and in the final positions so as not to overload the valve.

DREHMO i-matic

The design principle of multi-turn actuators is to turn a multiple of 360 degrees at the output drive. They are designed to operate valves with 2 up to 1450 revolutions per stroke. Multi-turn actuators are fitted mainly to gate and globe valves which transform the multiple rotation of the actuator’s output drive into linear movement via a threaded stem. Multi-turn actuators for on-off duty (short time duty S2) mostly operate shut-off valves with only a few open-close cycles per month. Flanges and output drive designs of the multi-turn actuators are standardized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 5210 or DIN 3210 respectively and therefore fit on any modern valve design. Furthermore a multitude of special flange designs is available. The multi-turn actuators are classified in four housing sizes according to their rated torque:

  • up to 60 Nm: actuator size D… 30, 59
  • 60 Nm – 250 Nm: actuator size D… 60, 120, 249
  • 250 Nm – 1000 Nm: actuator size D… 250, 500, 1000
  • 1000 Nm – 2000 Nm: actuator size D… 2000

Torque values exceeding 2000 Nm are realized by additional spur or bevel gearboxes.



Special devices, therefore, ensure that the actuator motor is switched off when it reaches a certain position, angle of rotation or torque. Special variants include part-turn actuators for 90° or 120° angles of rotation and thrust actuators, which transform the torque into an axial thrust by means of a thrust unit. In plant areas in which explosive gases may be present, actuators must have type-tested and certified explosion protection. The variety of torques and actuator speeds required in practice is met by a wide range of DREHMO® actuators. DREHMO® actuators can be fitted with torque and position sensor and signal processing systems to suit the various remote control requirements. The following product lines are available:

  • DREHMO® Standard actuators with limit and torque switches
  • DREHMO® Matic C actuators with integral control unit
  • DREHMO® i-matic actuators with smart integral control unit and non-intrusive setting as well as preventive maintenance features.








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